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This Halloween

Beware of Duppies

Okt. 25, 2019

Beware of Duppies – they might just steal your Rum

There’s a lot to be scared of this time of year. Ghosts and ghouls, riotous trick or treaters, terrible Halloween puns. But there’s one thing you better watch out for more than anything – and that’s the Duppy.

Duppies are malevolent Caribbean spirits or ghosts and they roam the islands – restless and haunting. They also have a great love of Rum, and legend has it that they swoop down in the dark of night and steal rum straight from the barrels as it ages. The stolen rum is known as the Duppy Share, and is always the best and strongest part of the barrel.

These dark spirit's fabled love of rum is the inspiration behind one of our favourite rums – The Duppy Share.

It’s a unique blend of fiery Jamaican and smooth Bajan rums – and it makes the perfect base for our brand-new cocktail, Rum Thief.

As well as Duppy Share rum, the Rum Thief mixes lime and vanilla with a dash of raspberry and this delicious new cocktail is on our menus from 29th October. And it could be yours for FREE this Halloween.

Just download our App before 5pm on 30th October and we'll send you a scratch card.

Trick or treat ? There are THOUSANDS of Rum Thief cocktails up for grabs - but will you win one?

Download our App now!


  1. You will be sent a digital scratch card which will conceal either a prize, or no prize.
  2. All prizes must be redeemed by Sunday 3rd November 2019.
  3. You must present your App member ID to your server in order to redeem your prize.
  4. Prizes with more than one cocktail must be redeemed in the same transaction.
  5. Happy Hour does not apply to prizes sent through the App.
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