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Turtle Bay At Home

Okt. 23, 2020

If you're in Cardiff and Swansea right now, you must be thinking "how am I going to get my Turtle Bay fix during the Fire Break!?"

Well, it's cool - we totally understand. 2 weeks is a long time to go without all the fun of rum, reggae, jerk good times so we're here for you!

Throughout the Fire Break we'll be offering delivery and collection on food and cocktails from 2pm - 10pm. Yes, that's right, you can order cocktails to go! Each cocktail comes in a 500ml bottle, which will serve 3 people (or you know, one person having 3 drinks!). We'll even supply the ice!


How to order

  • For Delivery - find us on Deliveroo in Cardiff or Swansea
  • If Deliveroo doesn't come to your area (unfortunately we don't get any control over this!!) you are more than welcome to call us for collection - Swansea - Cardiff.
  • You can also order online for collection with Deliveroo or UBerEats and save the delivery fees!

For more information on delivery and collection, head to our Turtle Bay At Home page!

All collections will be completely safe and contactless!

Recreate the Magic at Home

Of course, it wouldn't be the full Turtle Bay experience without some uplifting reggae beats that have you tapping your feet, dancing in your seat and feeling GOOD! Luckily we've got LOADS of playlists on Spotify for you to choose from!

Try a recipe!

Fancy mixing things up a bit and trying your hand at making your own cocktails? We've got a few recipes that are easy to make with only a handful of ingredients - from the infamous Reggae Rum Punch, to the tropical Koko Kolada!

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