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Sept. 19, 2021

With Idyllic shores that look out on crystal clear water and incredible landscapes, this tiny two island nation presents itself full charm.

Whether you are craving a soul searching tropical beach getaway, an adventurous hike around a volcano crater or a curious snorkeling session through the reef, St Kitts and Nevis have it all.

But this tiny two island nation in the West Indies had its dose of trouble past,

Indigenous people inhabited the area for thousand of years, until Columbus spotted the island on his quest to the New World, it wasn't until the early 1600's that British and Europeans began to settle, as the European population was fast rising, the troubles for the original Caribs began.

At what is today called "Bloody Point" Europeans and British attacked and massacred over 2000 Caribs, leaving the remaining natives with no choice but -----.

After the massacre, the island was split between England and France, becoming a huge tobacco and sugar plantation, where to provide for the extra labour needed, enslaved Africans were imported, perishing away due to the harsh living conditions while working the plantations.

Today St Kitts and Nevis remains part of the British Commonwealth, both islands gained internal autonomy in 1967, but it wasn't until 1983 that it gained full independence form England/

The flag, and what it represents:

  • A green triangle to represent the fertility of the island
  • A red triangle to represent the years of struggle against slavery and colonialism
  • A black stripe representing the African heritage of the people
  • Yellow borders to represent the bright sunshine of the island
  • Two white stars, one for each island as symbol of hope and liberty

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