Happy Independence Day Barbados

Nov 18, 2021

Barbados Independence Day, November 30th

The 30th November marks Barbados' Independence from the United Kingdom, which was first granted in 1966 after over 300 years of British rule.

This year, November is extra special for Barbados as it is becoming a Republic on November 30th 2021.


Barbados became an English colony in the early seventeenth century. The British brought over many slaves from Africa to work on sugar plantations up until slavery was abolished in 1834. In 1937, after much rioting due to poor economic conditions, politician and lawyer Grantley Adams founded the Barbados Labour Party. In 1955, after the slow progress of the Labour Party, Errol Walton Barrow formed the Democratic Labour Party and worked towards independence.

Independence from Britain was achieved on the 30th November 1966 after 361 years of British rule. The independence ceremony was celebrated by the first ever hoisting of the Barbados national flag, as well as the first rendition of the national anthem.

Did you know?

The Trident on the Barbadian flag represents the split between Barbados and its colonial ties. An intact Trident had appeared when the island was a British colony, but now it proudly shows the shaft of the Trident broken, to symbolise the nation’s split from Britain and to celebrate its independence.


The month-long independence celebrations include sports competitions, fairs, community events, and religious services. On the 30th November, a grand parade is held at the Garrison Savannah, the site of the original independence ceremony in 1966.

One of the many highlights of the independence celebrations is the blue and gold decorative lighting of Parliament buildings, Independence Square, Independence Arch and all the businesses throughout the capital of Bridgetown, all creating a spectacular view at night.

Another amazing part of the celebrations is the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), where Barbadians are encouraged to showcase their talent in the fields of music, singing, dance, drama, writing, fine art, photography and arts and crafts. The festival runs throughout the whole of November and ends with a gala presentation where the finalists are featured.

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