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Careers Privacy Policy

Careers Privacy Policy

The information you are about to submit is electronically held and processed by Vacancy Filler, the Applicant Tracking Software provider for Turtle Bay. Vacancy Filler act as a data processor, providing an online recruitment solution.

Vacancy Filler will not do anything with your information that they are not instructed to do by Turtle Bay – the data controller. Vacancy Filler will not share your information with any third parties outside of our agreements.

By entering your personal information, you are agreeing for Turtle Bay to access and use your information for recruitment purposes.

Your data will be saved periodically before you reach the end of the application form. This is to assist if you want to complete the form in your own time across several visits, and hopefully will mean you won’t lose everything as a result of a technical issue.

Vacancy Filler will store your details for 1 year, and your personal information will be automatically deleted once the data retention period is reached.

Should you wish to remove your details before the automatic deletion, or for any other queries about how your information is handled, please contact us GDPR@turtlebay.co.uk

If you have questions for the Vacancy Filler support team email support@vacancyfiller.co.uk.

To view our full privacy policy, click here.