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Having fun whilst you’re at work should be a given, and when you’re working the bar at Turtle Bay it’s pretty much guaranteed.

We want the best talent working in our restaurants serving delicious rum cocktails, and we can work your shifts to suit you. What’s not to like?

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Bartender and Head Bartender

Starting a shift on the bar on a Friday afternoon in Turtle Bay is one of the best feelings – the welcome is warm, the energy is high, the grills are firing. It all comes together at the bar, with our brilliant team getting ready for a busy shift making delicious rum cocktails.

The sun starts to set and the bar starts to fill. The reggae gets louder, the drink orders come quicker. Marley Mojitos and Rum Runners line the bar tops, and we’re the heartbeat of Turtle Bay at its best – delivering good times and making people happy.

With rums from everywhere in the Caribbean, you’ll never stop learning. We have regular menu updates and love to help our team members progress their careers, with development pathways for those interested in building their leadership skills.

Jo Cole

Jo Cole
Head of People

Our bartenders are integral to our guest experience, delivering great cocktails to both our dining and bar guests. Some of our best bar managers have joined as a bartender on a stop gap and realised they love the variety, the pace and the atmosphere. The skills our bartenders get whilst working with us will set them up for long-term success.

Bar Back

There's never a dull moment when you're working behind one of island bars - the rum keeps flowing, the laughs keep coming and the guests leave happy. Our bars wouldn't function without our amazing Bar Backs - this is a great place to start if you've never worked behind a bar before.

Jo Cole

Jo Cole
Head of People

Every bar team needs a great bar back – it’s a fact. The tills do not ring without the unsung heroes that keep the wheels turning. A bar back can break or make a shift and having the right person in the role makes the experience much better for everyone who walks through the door.

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