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How to play dominoes


Did you know that it's one of THE most popular board games across the islands? And for a good reason - it's simple but addictive when you get into it. A proper game of Caribbean dominoes is loud, fun and playful - and of course is often accompanied by a little rum.

You can guarantee the winner will be cheering and boasting; taunting opponents is encouraged and dominoes are slammed hard onto the table - sometimes so hard they fly off the table.

We've opted for a more gentle version for our how-to video (see below) so you can see how it all works, but we encourage you to start slamming - it's all part of the fun!


Just a set of dominoes and 2 - 4 players (it can be played with more players - you can just double up into teams). Rum is optional! For proper island vibes, why not try your hand at a Reggae Rum Punch to go alongside your game?


  • Put all the tiles face down on the table. Give them a good mix up!


  • Each player draws 7 tiles for their hand. Set them up on their sides facing you - don't show anyone else!
  • Put the remaining tiles to one side, face down.


  • Youngest player can start by putting any tile face up in the middle


  • The next player has to put down a tile that matches either of the numbers on their partner's tile
  • Tiles are placed short end to short end - unless, you've got a double number. The double numbers are put down the other way round (long-end to short-end).
  • Blank tiles are just like blanks tiles in scrabble - they can be anything you want!
  • You can put a tile at either side of the domino trail!
  • If you can't go, you have to pick up from the spare pile!


  • The winner of the game is the one who uses up their hand first - but you need to win 6 games to be declared the overall winner!
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