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9 Mouth-watering Caribbean classics to enjoy this National Vegetarian Week

It’s National Vegetarian Week and we’re treating your taste-buds to some of the freshest, most flavoursome Caribbean veggie dishes this side of Trinidad.

At Turtle Bay, we want every single one of our guests to get a true taste of the islands in our good-time atmosphere, so we’ve got a massive 32 veggie and vegan dishes. We’ve tried them and they’re so tasty that even those mad about meat will be coming back for more.

Here’s just 9 of our favourite plant-based platters to help get you started. After all, don’t worry – be veggie!

Mouth-watering mains


For the spice specialist: You can never go wrong with a rich, flavourful Caribbean One Pot, so any heat-seekers will love our Spinach, Aubergine, & Sweet Potato Curry. It comes with steamed rice and roti flatbread – and it’s even suitable for vegans.

For the grill guy or gal: There’s no need to miss out on one of our juicy pit-grilled beach burgers, thanks to the Halloumi Mushroom Burger. This chunky classic comes with your choice of spiced fries or fresh salad, as well as

a hearty drizzle of jerk coconut sauce.

For the coconut craver: Keep things cool with our One Pot fave, the Ital Rundown. This coconut-based dish is packed full of our most delicious veggies, including corn cobbettes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash, alongside coconut rice ‘n’ peas and a hunk of roti flatbread. Want to know the best part? It’s vegan, too.

For the freshness seeker: Discover our colourful Beach Salads, with gorgeous ingredients that’ll leave you without even a speck of guilt. Kale, chickpeas, rainbow beats, avocado, lime, toasted coconut, pomegranate, and butternut squash all rock our vegan, superfood sal

ad options – Festival, Four GrainSupervital Green. Plus, if you’re a veggie who’s missing their cheese, you can add some grilled halloumi, too.

For the sweet-toothed snacker: Our Chow fruit salad brings a burst of tropical flavour to any meal, with its Trinidadian selection of refreshing watermelon or juicy pineapple, marinated in coriander and other herbs. Trust us, it does work.

Delicious veggie snacks


Cutters are our smaller snacks inspired by the beach shacks and street vendors found across the Caribbean islands. They’re great as starters, but even better to share with your family and friends for that authentically social Caribbean vibe.
Grab some Trini Doubles, and enjoy the warming heat of curried chickpeas alongside cool cucumber and sweet mango chutney, all wrapped in two bara roti flatbreads. Or why not get your crunch on with our Okra Ladies’ Fingers, which have been breaded, fried and come with a selection of three dips for a different taste every time?

Finally, it wouldn’t be a West Indian feast without some Sweet Corn Fritters, especially when you enjoy them alongside pickled onions, hot sauce, and a herb salad. Having trouble choosing your favourite? No worries – our Vital Veggie Platter is loaded with six veggie tasters for you and your mates to tuck into.


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