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Black Lives Matter

Here at Turtle Bay, we’ve been taking time to reflect upon on the Black Lives Matter movement and the tragic murder of George Floyd, and so many others who have endured pain, anguish and violence on account of their race.

Turtle Bay was born out of a love for the Caribbean way of life. Without black cuisine, music and culture, we would not exist.

I am appalled by racially motivated attacks towards black people. The level of violence they have faced time and again is utterly abhorrent and unacceptable.

Turtle Bay lives by the notion of One Love. This means we believe in universal love and respect for all people, everywhere.

We not only want to acknowledge the hardships black people have faced, but honour and celebrate the black activists and creatives who rose up to fight for justice and freedom - and, as a result, created something truly beautiful for the world as a whole. We're determined to follow their example to forge a more equal society and a brighter future ahead.

While we have tried to do our best, we know we must do better. We are setting up internal initiatives and programmes driven by our staff to improve what we do internally, support local black communities and deepen our list of educational resources, so we can all better equip ourselves to combat racism together.

Aj, Founder

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