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Booking for 6 or more...

Booking for 6+ people

Restrictions have eased but as we have lots of bookings already booked in, we'll be treating big bookings a little differently to make sure that you get the best experience possible and we keep everyone safe. If you want to book for 6 or more people or change an existing booking, read below!

Can I book for more than 6 people now restrictions are ending?

When restrictions end on 19th July, you may book for up to 12 people however our maximum table size is 6. Up to 12 people from the same group can book in, you'll just need to book 2 separate tables of 6 . We will do our best to seat you together and there won't be any restrictions on moving between tables, but you'll order and pay separately.

I already have a table of 6, can I add more people?

That's not a problem as long as we have availability - you can do this from your booking confirmation email but you will be sat across tables with a maximum of 6 per table.

Can I book a table of 13+ over the phone?

The maximum group size we are currently booking for is 12, across 2 tables. You may check availability online for more tables however our large tables are seated all over the restaurant and we won’t be able to place you all together.

If I book 2 separate tables will I be sat together?

We cannot guarantee your tables will be seated together, however we will do our best to try and accommodate. We would recommend giving us a call a couple of days before your booking and we will do our best ! Our large tables are placed all around the restaurant so the bigger the table the harder it will be to seat you all together.

Do I have to wear a mask and socially distance?

We are following government guidelines and after the 19th July masks and social distancing are no longer mandatory however we encourage guests to take whatever steps they are comfortable with to ensure they enjoy their visit.

If you have any other questions - head to our FAQ for more info!

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