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Caribbean kites at Easter

Competitions seek out the best kite of the day, judged on structure, design and colour to find the ultimate Easter kite.

So how are the kites made? Usually, they have long tails made of knotted fabric, flown with 2 or 3 sails depending on the size of the kite. Kites are decorated with colourful plastic sheeting – this means they can survive a quick dip in the sea or an unexpected rain shower. Bamboo is often used to build the kite – flexible and stable. When kites are tethered on 2000 feet of line, they can fly incredibly high.

It’s a holiday weekend full of celebrations, beautiful blue Caribbean skies and the perfect kite-flying breeze… a blissful Easter!

Although we can’t promise you a weekend of Caribbean sunshine! Let’s spread bright colour, shapes and the spirit of Easter from across the Caribbean for a true celebration.

The question is, are you ready to take on the Caribbean kite making challenge?

We’re spreading the colours, fun and spirit of Easter from across the Caribbean by giving a FREE kite making kit with every kid’s meal from the 8th – 22nd April.*

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