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Catch a Whine from home this year

Missing out on a boogie in the streets of London this year?

We are making sure you can still catch a Whine from home!

Whining inspires the dancing of Soca Music - "where the intention of the energy is to really uplift people, make them happy and keep them smiling, make them celebrate even in the toughest times" - says Machel Montano, one of Soca biggest stars. It's all about the waist, hips and bum!

Originating in Trinidad and Tobago, Soca Music involves a range of styles that were initially developed in an effort to revive traditional Calypso.

We love to dance around the bar at Happy Hour, but we're definitely not the experts! So we pulled together some handy tips from the experts for when your jam comes on:

  • Roll your waist in a circle
  • Bend your knees, take it low, and don’t be afraid to keep it there!
  • Keep your upper body still
  • Follow the rhythm, move your hips to the beat of the music

Learn from the pros with these videos and practise in front of the mirror:

This is best for absolute beginners

Step by step instructions on how to whine

Soca Kingdom - Dance tutorial

5 Dancehall moves for Canrival

Now let the smell of Jerk Chicken guide you, the sweet taste of Reggae Rum Punch loosen you up, feel the rhythm and go with it!

whining is a dance originating in the Caribbean and it should be respected as such

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