Wir haben noch geöffnet, schließen aber nach deutschem Recht jeden Tag um 18 Uhr!

Red, Red wine!

Red, Red Wine!

And just like that, Beaujolais day is nearly here again.

Celebrated in France when the Beaujolais wine is finally ready to sell on the 3rd Thursday in November, it's also bizarrely a big hit in Wales! And whilst rum's our normal drink of choice, we wouldn't want to miss out on the fun.

Plus, it's a still an excuse to drink more rum, right?

To celebrate, we've extended our Bottomless Brunch times - you can now book as late as 5pm for Thursday 19th November! You can also now upgrade your booking and choose anything from the whole menu for just £3.70 extra.

And if you haven't tried it already, this is the perfect day to try our UB40 cocktail - featuring red wine, rum and ginger beer!



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