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Rum Rabbit Rum

It’s ludicrously indulgent, rum-filled and absolutely delicious… it’s our limited-edition Rum Rabbit Rum...

Our latest alcoholic concoction hopping its way onto the cocktail menu for the Easter perihttp://dev-turtlebay-web6.halosvr.co.uk/admin/entries/blogPosts/new#od, from Monday 8th to Monday 22nd April.Are you ready to find out what goes into our oh so sweet and luxurious Rum Rabbit Rum?… WARNING: you will be seriously craving one after reading!

*Drum roll please*…

A delicious combination of Caribbean flavours including Pusser’s Rum, White Cacao, chocolate ice-cream and coconut milk.

If that’s not mouth-watering enough, the signature drink will also be topped off with a piece of brownie and a Caribbean dumpling dipped in rum caramel sauce. Even the rim of the glass is dipped in rum caramel making it the ultimate Easter treat.

Available before 10pm for £10 and 2’4’1 at Happy Hour from 8th – 22nd April, you’re not going to want to miss this Easter treat!


1. Only available from 8th April – 22nd April, before 10pm each night.

2. Available on 2’4’1 at Happy Hour

3. Only available during kitchen operating hours

Please drink responsibly. It is against the law for us to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 or anyone unable to provide valid proof of age upon request.

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