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The Turtle Truck's 2019 Adventures

2019 was an exciting year for our Turtle Truck. We ventured to 6 cities around the country with our hard to miss truck, the long drives and late nights were 100% worth it.

We started our tour in Middlesbrough for Teesside’s Final Fling, where our Cheesy Jerk Fries went down so well… we sold out! Everyone knows that students love to party but we definitely under-estimated the amount of fries a campus could get through. Being our first event of the season, it was a great start and we were pleased we went down a treat!

Our biggest event of the year was by far Park Life Festival in Manchester; shout out to anyone who saw us there! We may have not seen you back if you were covered in mud… the rain and wind didn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves with some great acts like Marc Ronson, Mabel, Khalid and Major Lazer giving mind blowing performances. Our teams worked hard with a non-stop queue for about 6 hours. Weeks of planning, for an explosion weekend, and we sold out of everything! This was our first time at an event this size with 80,000 people over the weekend. We left exhausted and our poor Turtle Truck looked like a bomb had hit it… worth every second and a big step forward for us knowing what we could accommodate for.

The Turtle Bay Team are suckers for a good cause, so after being asked to help out at two NHS staff days, we jumped at the chance. Selling our Caribbean goodness to the great staff at Newcastle’s Hospitals, it was wonderful to be able to offer some great soul food to our nation’s unsung superheroes. The sun shone, the reggae beats were blasting and the good food flowed. The drive was a long one as our Turtle Truck is based in Bristol, but definitely worth it when you arrive in Newcastle to see the Angel of North standing in all her glory!

Speaking of our hometown it would be rude for us not to show our faces in Bristol. We made a big, bright appearance at St Pauls Carnival. Being close to home for us we saved our selves a long drive, which was a bonus! If you haven’t made your way out to the carnival before, we suggest you get yourself out from the rock you’re living under and get yourself to your local Caribbean carnival! A day of colour, dancing and madness with the ongoing smell of spices in the air! Any Jerk Chicken fan's dream!

With the festival season going smoothly and without any major hiccups, we ventured back to the North West, to Preston. Preston Carnival felt like a breeze compared to the madness of Park Life and St Pauls but we had a great time being part of the local community and meeting some Jerk Chicken royalty. Good vibes and great food as far as the eye could see, we had a great time.

We certainly had a fab summer ending our tour in York for their Balloon Fiesta. York being voted the worst city for commuters, we knew it was going to be a challenge getting the Turtle Truck down some of the small roads, but we love a challenge and embraced the adventure with a smile on our faces. It’s a beautiful city, full of some of England’s best history and we ended our tour on a high, York racecourse hosting a huge balloon fiesta for all the family. Our Curried Goat was a big hit and our guests loved chilling in our Turtle Bay deck chairs. Yes, we have deck chairs and they are the boss.

2020 is already here and we’ve got some events lined up! The South Coast will be getting some Turtle Truck magic with us bringing the spice down to Bournemouth for the first ever Reggae Weekender in June. Solihull will also be getting a visit. It’s going to be the best year yet so keep your eyes open for us and if you see us on the road, be sure to give us a honk and a wave!

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