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Ways to Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday

Today, we’re wishing Happy Birthday to one of the most influential reggae artists of all time – the legend that is, Bob Marley. Marley’s songs of faith, hope and rebellion continue to inspire generation after generation.

Born in Nine Miles, Jamaica in 1945, Bob Marley was one of reggae’s most significant change-makers. Reggae began in Jamaica in the 1960’s with strong influences from calypso and jazz, powered by lyrics of social protest.

Ways to celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday…

Eat Ital

Marley kept a traditional ital diet… so vegan or organic vegetarian food fits the bill. Why not try something a little different with a truly ital dish?

Chill out with your favourite Marley record

Catch a Fire? Exodus? Survival? What better time to listen to your favourite Marley tunes in honour of the reggae legend?

Watch ‘Marley’

Remember Marley’s legacy and watch his biographical life story through rare footage, performances and interviews spanning from the early days, all the way to superstardom.

Get together with loved ones

Bob Marley was nothing if not family oriented. Get together for good food, good music and good vibes in true Marley style… “let’s get together and feel alright”.

One Love

Come celebrate Bob Marley’s iconic music and the spirit of One Love with us this February as our One Love set menu launches on the 6th Feb, and runs all the way up until the 17th Feb. Let our rhythmic reggae beats, fiery Caribbean food and feel good vibes lift your heart and soul.

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