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Ways to celebrate Carnival from home

Carnival Weekend is fast approaching and we are devastated we won't be celebrating in the streets of London this year!

To make sure we won't miss out on the fun, we pulled together a few tips on how to celebrate from home:

Wray of Life

First of all, you can’t have Carnival weekend without Uncle Wray! Run to your liquor store asap and get yourself a bottle of the World’s bestselling Over proof Rum, Wray & Nephew. We all know, the liquid itself might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when combined with the right mixers, this strong yet sweet “au de vie” will turn into the perfect party buddy, for a weekend to remember (or not..)

You can follow our Reggae Rum Punch recipe here.

Jerk It

How are your BBQ grilling skills? This weekend we want you to Jerk it up a notch and cook one of the most famous Caribbean dishes, because you know it’s Carnival Season when you smell Jerk Chicken in the air! Follow our step by step recipe and make the neighbours envious!

Check out our BBQtips here.

The Dancing

Because we wouldn't want you to miss out on the moves! Head here to learn the moves!

The Outfit

There's no such thing as Carnival without feathers and rhinestones. How about making your own Carnival outfit from home this year?

Get crafty with us

The Beats

We pulled together a 6 hour playlist to get you in the Carnival mood, plus an Afterparty playlist to keep the party going til late! Check 'em out on our Spotify page!

Interested in learning how Notting Hill came about? Read our blog on its origins here.

And if you want to celebrate somewhere where you don't have to do the grillin', the tunes are already playing and there's Reggae Rum Punch flowing all day long, float on down and join us!


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