Wir haben noch geöffnet, schließen aber nach deutschem Recht jeden Tag um 18 Uhr!

We're back (almost)

What a storm it’s been these past few months. I know these times have been incredibly tough for so many of our guests and our teams.

But, as they say in the islands, storms don’t last forever.

The warm Caribbean sun is shining through the clouds and we’re rebuilding! We’ve made it through this together and are coming back better and stronger than before.

We know things are far from over, but after months of lockdown, uncertainty and time away from loved ones I feel that now, more than ever, we all need a chance to escape this craziness for a while. To put down our worries, step off the world and relax with those closest to us. That’s why I am so happy that on 4th July, the majority of our restaurants will be flinging the doors wide open and welcoming our guests back once again. Better still, bookings are open already!

We want you to be able to truly RELAX – so our teams have been working very hard to make sure your Turtle Bay experience is as safe as it is fun. From hand-sanitisers throughout the restaurant to social distancing measures, PPE for our teams and much more.

It might all sound a bit different but we’re just the same laid-back, fun-loving family you know and love. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be even better that before - we’ve got all-new chilled out reggae playlists and even tastier dishes to get those taste buds dancing.

If you don’t feel comfortable eating out just yet, or want to carry on the feel-good times back at home, we’ve also launched the brand-new Turtle Bay At Home. Order & collect our food AND cocktails, or get it delivered straight to you with Deliveroo.

Finally, I want to say a HUGE personal thank you to all the amazing people who have weathered this storm with us. To all our staff, our guests and all the Key Workers who have and continue to help us all; keep shining as much as you do.

We’re back & we can’t wait to see you all again, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

One Love,

Aj, Founder

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