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What is a Caribbean Christmas?

Just as temperature and temper take a seasonal turn for the worse, the promise of Caribbean festivities and rejoicing is just around the bend. But if you’re a long way from sunshine and sandy shores, you’ll find some amped-up festival vibes with us as we celebrate Christmas the Caribbean way.

The positive carnival and festival vibes are what the Christmas season in the Caribbean are all about!

You won’t be finding any dry old turkey here, that’s for sure… just flavours brimming with the bold warmth and spice of a Caribbean Christmas (it’s the only way we know how to party).

What’s Christmas on the islands really like?

Christmas celebrations vary from island to island, from exuberant Junkanoo’s, intricate carnival costumes, to rum-soaked Christmas pudding – but one thing’s for certain – it’s all about one BIG celebration and bringing everyone together, no matter what. It’s no worries and good vibes only.

Of course, you can expect nothing but a spectrum of colour… bright processions and lively parades envelope the streets as music and dancing take over every corner. Soca and calypso can be heard at every turn.

If all you want is a tropical escape, but you can’t quite make a trip to St Kitts this year, we might have just the ticket… bringing you a Caribbean Christmas to your doorstep throughout November and December.

So, say goodbye to cold and dark winter nights and hello to a bright, sunshine-inspired festive season and book your Christmas celebrations now.

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