Wir haben noch geöffnet, schließen aber nach deutschem Recht jeden Tag um 18 Uhr!

Cocktails and Small Plates

We're all about slowing down and enjoying the good times.

And these restrictions aren't gonna get us down! That's why you can now book a table for Cocktails and Small Plates. You'll get 2.5hrs to enjoy as many cocktails as you like, as well as some of our delicious Small Plates. From starters to sides and bar snacks - we've always been big fans of grazing so we're got loads for you to choose from.

And one thing's for sure... you won't find any scotch eggs here! More like Mac n Cheese Balls, Jerk Wings, Sweetcorn Fritters and the ultimate cult favourite, Cheesy Jerk Fries!

So if you're in the mood for a few hours of drinking cocktails, chilling out and enjoying the good times, then this is the booking for you!

And of course, it's Happy Hour until 7pm and from 8.30pm so those cocktails are 2'4'1 - for more good times!


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