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Rum Showcase: Appleton Estate

The Heart of Jamaica

Appleton Estate is the oldest of Jamaica's rum distillers!

They've been making the sunshine spirit at the Appleton Estate since 1749! Nestled in the heart of Jamaica, you won't find anywhere like the Nassau Valley where the Estate is based. The area is known as a 'karst' which means it's rock formations are mostly made of limestone. The limestone purifies the water from the nearby Black River, which means the water used by Appleton Estate is some of the purest you can get!

The Very Best Flavour

Appleton make a few different types of rum, from the golden, fruity Signature Jamaica Rum, which we use in some of our most popular cocktials like the Mai Tai, to the super special 21 year old Nassau Valley Casks. They currently produce around 10 million litres of rum per year!

Something Special

One of our favourite rums is the Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve. Crafted by Appleton's Master Blender herself to celebrate 250 years of Appleton Rum, it's perfect if you're moving on from a classic rum and mixer and want to try something a bit special! This rum is rich, sweet and super easy to drink and you can try it on one of our Rum Share Boards - order 4 different rums of your choice with ice and any mixer for sipping or mixing as you fancy!

Joy Spence

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