Wir haben noch geöffnet, schließen aber nach deutschem Recht jeden Tag um 18 Uhr!

Feb. 14, 2020

1. 🥳 "It's my birthday & I'll get drunk on Tuesday if I want to "

You know that sinking feeling you get when you check your calendar and realise your birthday is on a Tuesday? Yeah that sucks.

Well, we’re here to say it doesn’t have to. Call up your bestie, book the day off and fill your midweek birthday with a feast of Caribbean inspired brunch delights and as many cocktails as you like.

2. 🍸 Cocktails taste better if you drink them when you’re meant to be at work – FACT

Try it if you don’t believe us.

3. 💘 Date night getting a bit routine? Spice it up – #DATEDAY

    There’s only so many times you can play mini golf and eat pizza.

    Spend some quality time with your partner on a daytime date. Step off the world and relax into brunch and cocktails. No kids, no work, no curfew. Lie in as late as you want (Bottonmless brunch runs til 5pm) It’s basically paradise.

    4. 🍳 Hump Day = Brunch Day

    Is it just us or does the week something just feel sooooo loooong? Like 5 days until Friday might as well be 25 days.

    We have the perfect antidote to a long, boring week at work. A Wednesday afternoon of lively reggae beats, a fiery brunch feast and fresh, fruity cocktails. Let us add a little rum, reggae and jerk to your week and it’ll be Friday before you know it.

    5. 🌴 You actually CAN escape to the Caribbean with just 1 day of leave

    We get it, a 2 week trip to Barbados for some winter sun and white sand beaches is top of the list. But how about the next best thing – all for just 1 day of leave and a fraction of the price?

    Because free-flowing cocktails are the best thing about holidays anyway.

    6. 🥂 Something to celebrate at work?

    So next time your boss is n a good mood, and is congratulating you or your team on an achievement, all you gotta do is slide on in there with “How about a team brunch to celebrate?”

    Obviously if you’re going to eat brunch and order a drink or two, you might as well make it Bottomless. We’ll call it team bonding, because you haven’t really bonded until you’ve seen Jill in Finance a tad tipsy.

    7. 🎁 Treat yo’self

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