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Aug. 16, 2020

As Carnival weekend approaches, our thirst for bright and colourful Carnival outfits go into overdrive. But as many clothes shops aren’t open yet due to lockdown restrictions, and online shopping... well let’s be honest, doesn’t always deliver! To avoid last minute surprises, we’ve pulled out a few simple steps on how to make your very own Carnival Headdress and Outfit from home, so you won’t miss out on the party. Ready to get crafty with us?

You will need:

  • Hot Glue Gun and sticks
  • Sturdy Sun Visor
  • Cardboard box (approx. 50cm length)

First things first, head to your local craft store and get the following:

  • Coque Tail and Ostrich Feathers, lots of! In at least 2 different colours.
  • Rhinestones and Acrylic Crystals for clothes crafts.

Want to complete the outfit?

You will need a colourful swimsuit (an old one that you do not mind gluing), to match the colour of your feathers. Follow the patterns and glue as many Crystals and Rhinestones as you want!

We took our inspiration from Marsha – a stunning Queen from St Kitts & Nevis, check out her DIY Full Carnival Costume tutorial on YouTube, and give her your thumbs up!


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