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Panic over!

Jan. 23, 2020

Your last-minute Valentine’s guide

Wow, you’ve really blown it. You don’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day, and it’s in a matter of days. But nobody needs to know… there’s still time… you’ve got this!

Let’s get you in prime Valentine’s shape. No stress.

The mixtape

Maybe “mixtape” is a little old school, but what says “I think you’re alright” better than a playlist? Make it meaningful, fill it with feel-good reggae beats and share it with your loved ones to lift their heart and soul. After all, good music = good times.

Need playlist inspiration? Search Turtle Bay UK on Spotify.

The card

It’s probably advisable not to forget this one. Whether you want to say “I’d always leave the final bite of Salted Caramel Brownie for you” or “thanks for offering me the last Sweet Corn Fritter” … now’s your chance to pour your heart out.

The reservation

We may be bias, but what’s more important than a Valentine’s feast? For us, it’s all about One Love and sharing good music, good food and good times with the people you appreciate the most. Love by all people, for all people.

Love lasts longer at Turtle Bay… enjoy our One Love set menu from the 6th – 17thFeb for £25.00 per person. Don’t forget our complimentary exclusive cocktail, the Wray Crush, for those eating with us from the 14th – 17th Feb (perfect for really taking that Valentine’s stress off!).

There’s always take out

Does a reservation feel like a shot in the dark? Maybe something low-key is more your bag? Well, there’s always Netflix, chill and take-out. Hop onto Deliveroo to search your Turtle Bay favourites. Sorted.

The puppy

Maybe they’ll be mad*… but then again, they’ll be holding a puppy.

*they probably will be mad – you better Book Now to be on the safe side.

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