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Still open in Tier 3

Okt. 22, 2020

We're Still Open!

The questions on everyone's lips are... can I still go to restaurants in Tier 3?! And can I still go for drinks?!

We know there's a bit of confusion out there right now about the rules for visiting restaurants with Tier 3 lockdown restrictions, but we're here to bring the good news!

We're open and serving up exactly the same mix of rum, reggae jerk all day long!! If you already have a booking with us, you don't need to do anything - this will still go ahead!

Whether you're in Preston, Manchester, Liverpool or Sheffield, you can still join us from 8.30am til 10pm for:

Happy Hour & Drinking

And of COURSE, we're still offering Happy Hour! In Tier 3, the times for 2 for 1 cocktails will be 10am - 6pm and 8pm-10pm.

The government rules do say that you need to order some food if you're going to have a drink. We reckon that's the best excuse we've heard all year to try our Bottomless Brunch! But if you fancy something a bit lighter or a little bit later, you can enjoy one of our deliciously addictive starters (or more, of course!).

We've got something for everyone - from Crispy Chilli Squid to our infamous vegan Sweetcorn Fritters. Our deliciously addictive food will take your drinks to the next level!

Stay Safe!

We know that there are restrictions in place for a reason - and it's more important than ever to keep everyone safe from Coronavirus. But in these tough times, it's so important to relax, escape and feel good!

We've got a lot of measures in place to keep you safe and we do ask that you make sure you're following other restrictions, such as abiding by the household mixing restrictions that apply to your Tier.

If you're not sure what Tier you're in, or what the specific local restrictions are in your area, you can use the government's postcode search feature to check this out!

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