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When's best to visit Jamaica?

When's best to visit Jamaica?

When’s the best time to visit Jamaica?

With its perennial sunshine, stunning beaches, diverse culture and warm locals, Jamaica has always been a popular holiday destination for sun-seeking Brits. But when is the best time to visit?

One reason why the fourth largest Caribbean Island is such a hit with holidaymakers is, it’s hot when we’re not. But, then again, we’re never really that hot!!

So, when is the best time to make sure you’re catching as many rays as possible!?

In truth there’s no “bad” time to visit to Jamaica. But some dates could be better than others. The best time to hit the island is between mid-December and mid-April. This coincides with its dry season, when the mercury regularly rises into the thirties. Perfect weather for sipping a Red Stripe or kicking back with a Reggae Rum Punch!

As with any tropical climate, though, Jamaica does have a rainy season that runs from May to November. This period is what gives parts of the island their stunning emerald hue.

However, you shouldn’t be too concerned if your booking wanders into May. Showers during this period are intense, but they’re usually pretty brief. Plus, they’re also normally followed by more sunshine!

Hurricane season is another worry for would-be bookers but hurricanes in Jamaica are relatively rare. The season runs through the late summer months e.g. August, September, October and is probably best avoided but even at this time you’d be unlikely to experience a hurricane during your break.

Does it get busy?

Jamaica is a popular holiday location for tourists across the world, so it can get a little crowded at times. That being said, though, you can find solitude if you know when to book.

Avoiding the first three months of the year is usually a good rule for dodging the crowds. If you fancy a nice, chilled couples retreat under the Jamaican sun then November and December are perfect. However, while there may be more crowds, February to April is also the best time to experience the epic Carnival celebrations.

Turtle Bay guests will know the country’s culture is just as famous as the beaches. With its art, food (Jamaican jerk anyone?), and heritage all as diverse as each other there’s so much to do here.

What to do

Although it may be difficult to pull yourself away from the paradise-like beaches of Jamaica, there are plenty of amazing adventures waiting in-land.

Kingston is as vibrant a capital city as you’re likely to see. Devon House and the Bob Marley Museum are perfect for getting aninsight into the culture and proud heritage of the area. Further north you start to fall into the shadows of the majestic Blue Mountains. Take a hike around the Blue Mountains National Park for some insane views!

Away from the capital and the natural sights of wonder in Jamaica, there are also cultural festivals that will be the highlight of any trip. While the early months are best for catching some Carnival action, you might also like to make tracks to Jamaica in October, in time for the Food and Drink Festival.

And, of course, then there’s Jamaican Independence Day which always raises the bar in terms of island party antics.

In conclusion

There aren’t many bad times to travel to Jamaica! The island is a hit with tourists all over the world for a reason.

Having said that though, if you’re looking for some super-chilled vibes with a good mix of available excursions then November and December are the best times to book.

So, what are you waiting for? Jamaica awaits!

Looking for somewhere to stay?

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