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Happy Independence Day Barbados

Happy Independence Day Barbados

With sports competitions, fairs, community events, and religious services, Barbados kicks off the month-long celebrations on November 3oth, on this day in 1966 the Barbados national flag was raised for the first time, accompanied by the island’s national anthem to celebrate its full independence from Britain. 

The Independence movement first started in 1930, following the struggle by enslaved African descendants to overcome the high-income restrictions on voting. Barbados’s first Prime Minister Sir Grantley Herbert Adams secured his party’s legacy and set the path for independence. When in 1961 Errol Barrow came into power, Barbados was led to full Independence from Britain, and the Barbadian flag raised for the first time ever on November 30th.

Did you know that the Barbadian’s flag Trident represents the split between Barbados and its colonial ties?

Barbadian flag

An intact Trident had appeared for over 300 years when the island was a British colony, but now it proudly shows the shaft of the Trident broken, to symbolize the nation’s Independence and the split.