Trini Doubles Vegan

International Doubles Day!

International Doubles Day!

Happy Doubles Day!

May 30th marks International Doubles Day - a day to celebrate Trinidad's most loved dish.

So, what’s the story of Trini Doubles – the ultimate street food and vegan snack?

Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Doubles are two flatbreads known as bara and a rich curried chickpea filling (channa), topped with cucumber, coconut and pepper sauce. They’re normally put together and eaten as a sandwich for breakfast – or late at night after ‘liming’ with your mates.


The Deen Family

The origins of this iconic street food began in Trinidad with the Deen family.

The story goes that the reason they’re called Doubles is because everyone would ask Emamool Deen (a.k.a. Mamudeen) to ‘double up’ the bara so they could make a sandwich. So, the name ‘Doubles’ evolved, and Deen’s Doubles became the pioneering brand.

The deliciously addictive, vegan snack is a true favourite. Doubles have become so versatile, they serve as a popular dish for late-night clubbers, a Carnival staple, the perfect hangover cure, and a fast-food breakfast for school kids and commuters.

Did you know? In 2012, the Trinidadian parliament took a break for Doubles during its longest-ever session (27 hours!) of debate.

Now, who’s craving Doubles? Join us for brunch, lunch or dinner and get your orders in!