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Notting Hill - The Parades

Notting Hill - The Parades

Only a few days to what would have been this year’s Notting Hill Carnival weekend… Yes, we are still heartbroken this magical party hasn’t happened for two years in a row!

Following Claudia Jones’ indoor carnival, community activists Rhaune Laslett and Andre Shervington organised a street festival following Jones’ same beliefs and turned the festival into a Carnival introducing a procession and the use of a steel pan. ⁠

⁠This event marked the beginning of the annual Notting Hill Carnival with the gradual addition of Caribbean elements including more bands and costumes. By 1974, 100,000 people and a dozen bands participated and in 1975 static sound systems were introduced adding Jamaican reggae, dub, and ska music to the traditional calypso and soca⁠.⁠

We might not be able to dance down the streets of London this year (again :( ) but here's a link to the alternative parties you can join and get into the true Carnival spirit!

Notting Hill Carnival alternative celebrations