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Black History Month

Black History Month 2022

Turtle Bay x The Gleaner

For Black History Month 2022 we wanted to give the mic to the people and the culture that inspired the Turtle Bay brand. In publishing this newspaper and through our collaboration with The Gleaner (Jamaica’s most trusted paper), we’re celebrating Black culture, giving space to important conversations, and hopefully, creating a little bit of joy.

We here at Turtle Bay are committed to making meaningful change. We’re doing this through our internal Equality & Inclusion programme and by supporting the Caribbean communities of the island that inspire our business, as well as Black communities in the UK. We know that support comes in many different ways, and for us this means making real cash donations, supporting Black-owned brands, and setting up mentoring programmes, to name just a few. We’re continuing to listen and learn – if you have any ideas, we’d love to chat.


Turtle Bay X The Gleaner