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Our Youth Music partnership

Turtle Bay launches Partnership with Youth Music

On Saturday we held a fun launch event with Youth Music who we are extremely excited to be partnering with as part of a commitment to getting young people into the music industry.

Youth Music is a nationwide charity that believes every young person should have the chance to change their lives through music. Their insights, influence and investment in grassroots organisations and to young people themselves means that more young people can make, learn and earn in music.

As part of our partnership, we are supporting their NextGen Fund, which helps behind the scenes creatives take a step forward in changing the music scene.

Youth music nextgen fund

The Youth Music NextGen Fund is open to 18-25-year-olds (and 26–30-year-olds who identify as Disabled) and offers emerging Singers, Rappers, Songwriters, Producers, DJs, A&Rs, Managers and Agents grants of up to £2,500 to invest in music projects to run and own themselves.

One of our Ambassador’s and host of the Capital Xtra Breakfast Show, Shayna Marie, is supporting the partnership and hosted the launch event on Saturday 13th November 2021 at our Brixton Restaurant. We were lucky enough to have a small group of aspiring musicians from local South London Youth Music initiatives into Turtle Bay Brixton to meet with Shayna to discuss building their own networks in music.


One of the biggest barriers to pursuing and sustaining a career in music is a lack of contacts and strong network research by Youth Music has shown, so we were so grateful that Shayna was keen to get involved.

Shayna says: “I’m so excited to be part of an initiative that really resonates with me. Young people are the future of the world’s music scene, and this partnership will help more aspiring creatives to get out there and shake it up! I can’t wait to listen to the experiences of young, local musicians as we can learn so much from each other's stories.”

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“We are honoured to be part of a truly inspiring project that gives young people the chance to change their lives through music. Music is such a huge part of who we are at Turtle Bay, as reggae, ska, dancehall, reggaeton and so much more make up the soundtrack that delivers good Caribbean times to our guests as part of our One Love DNA. Music holds so much power and we are excited for this partnership to unfold.” Olajide Alabi, Turtle Bay’s Equality & Inclusion Partner