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Fair Share Policy

Fair Share Policy

We believe in transparency and clarity towards both our guests and our teams. As such, we want to take the opportunity to explain our tipping policy and make sure our guests have a full understanding of where their generous tips are going.

Our Policy

Tips are a sure-fire way of letting our teams know that our guests had a great time with us – and that’s one of the reasons they love them. We don’t automatically add service charge to the bill, unless it is a party of 4 or more, in which case an optional 10% is added to the bill. Most guests leave about 10%, often more. Our policy is to ensure that all team members, including the kitchen and the bar, see a proportion of our guests’ generosity. Giving guests a great Turtle Bay experience is a team effort.

100% of tips are paid to the team, including the kitchen, as it’s a team effort


We are open about our policy with every single person who joins Turtle Bay. It is written in their contract and we explain it to them up front before they are asked to sign this.

We are also open with our guests. Guests who require further information are welcome to contact our Support Centre, who may refer the guest to this document.


Delivering great service to our guests is a team effort – the managers, the bar and the kitchen staff play a critical role in every guest experience, and the waiting staff rely on their support. Our waiting staff work really hard – but so does every member of the restaurant team. We want every team member to be recognised and rewarded for the amazing jobs they do in each of our restaurants.

We aim to be fair to every single team member who contributes to the Turtle Bay experience – our tipping policy helps us achieve this fairness. Turtle Bay certainly wouldn’t be the same without the team members who rock our bars or rustle up our food!

What We Do For Our Teams

All hourly paid team members have the potential to earn pay bonuses as top ups if they deliver great service consistently. We have a clear pay and training progression as team members move up their career path. We also offer free team food, generous team discount, great parties and team outings.

The Law

We have had professional advice to ensure our tipping policy is legal and have been audited by the tax authorities on more than one occasion. We are in line with all government guidance and legislative framework surrounding tips, gratuities, cover and service changes.

We also adhere to the Government Code of Best Practice on Service Charges, Tips, Gratuities and Cover Charges, which outlines 4 voluntary principles to ensure transparency.

Both the mandatory legislation and voluntary principles regarding tips can be found at


Your generous tips are an addition to the more-than-minimum wage which our team members are paid. We value our team members, want to keep them motivated, and we simply would not be the same without them.