Trudiann Branker

International Women's Day

International Women's Day

We are forever grateful for these women on a daily basis, and when it comes to International Women's Day we can't help but pull together a little appreciation post dedicated to the Women Leading Rum.

  • Starting with Appleton Estate's very own Joy Spence. What a woman! Joy holds the title of Master Blender for Jamaica’s Appleton Estate, becoming the world-first woman to be crowned with the title, and leading the way for many more in the future. With a Batchelor of Science Degree and a passion for Chemistry, Joy joined the Appleton Estate as Chief Chemist, it didn’t take her too long to reach the Master Blender empire. The Jamaican Government also awarded Joy the Order of Distinction in the Rank of Officer for the service to the industry. In her own words, Joy has been combining Art and Science of Rum making, to craft premium Appleton Estate Jamaican rum for over 25 years now! A true force of nature that we are so lucky to have.
Joy Spence
  • As the only woman to hold the title of mixing master in Trinidad and Tobago, Carol Homer – Caesar manages the quality control for The House of Angostura. With a background in School of Alcohol Technology, spirits training in Scotland, and brewing and distilling experience in the US it is no wonder that Carol has been in the rum blending business for two decades. Carol’s favourite rum is Angostura 1919, mixed with a little coconut water of neat - we couldn’t agree more!
Carol Homer

  • Last but not least, Barbados own Trudiann Branker, who joined the Mount Gay Distillery in Barbados in 2014, and just recently joined the prestigious role of Master Blender! She's the first woman to hold the title on the island.
    In her own words, Mount Gay is a blend of cane that must be brought closer to younger generations.

Some notable mentions...

  • Carmen Lopez De Bastidas, Master Blender at Destelleria Carupano
  • Lorena Vasquez, Master Blender at Ron Zacapa
  • Susana Masis, Master Blender at Ron Centenario
  • Salome Aleman, Master Blender in Ronere Santa Cruz

Happy International Women’s Day!