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Walk for Wellbeing

Wellbeing is the aim, walking is the game! 

In Autumn 2023, Turtle Bay took part in the "Walk for Wellbeing" campaign in partnership with Hospitality Action. Walk for Wellbeing is a charity walk event that took place over 3 weeks from Saturday 30th September to Sunday 15th October. The aim of the campaign was to promote better mental health and overall wellbeing whilst raising funds to support Hospitality Action, a fantastic charity that provides support for all those who work within hospitality in the UK. 

Team Hammersmith taking part in Walk for Wellbeing

The Walk for Wellbeing dates included World Mental Health Day, celebrated on the 10th October. World Mental Health Day is all about global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Currently over half of those contacting Hospitality Action are seeking support for their mental health. The Walk for Wellbeing campaign helps raise funds to support team members from the hospitality industry who receive important support. So, our amazing Turtle Bay team members laced up their trainers, got together and took the steps towards promoting wellbeing across the hospitality industry.

Turtle Bay wristbands

So, where did we walk? 

Turtle Bay's mission was to walk an impressive 1625 miles/2616 km, the equivalent of the distance from Turtle Bay Plymouth to Turtle Bay Newcastle stopping at all 50 restaurants! 

Check out some of our incredible team members completing their "Walk for Wellbeing" below.

Swansea Team WFW
Colchester Team Walk for Wellbeing
Hammersmith walk for mental health 2023