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And just like that, summer has made an appearance! And not just any summer - it's the Summer of One Love! The days are getting longer, warmer and WAY more fun now we’re finally reunited with our favourite people.

You know you should be grateful for those picnics in the park and lazy evenings in beer gardens…. But you can’t help but stare out of the window, into the blue, and dream of holidays. The sand between your toes, breeze dancing through the palm trees, an ice-cold cocktail in your hand at 11am. Not a care in the world.

If only EVERYWHERE wasn’t on the Red list. Or is it Amber? (And does it even matter? It will change as soon as you book!) Well, what if we told you we’ve got the perfect recipe for a tropical escape right here in the UK? Sand between the toes and all.

All you need to do is get yourself a little daycation to one of these fab UK beach destinations… which also happen to be close a Turtle Bay!

Choose your nearest beach from the list below and pack a picnic blanket plus some fancy plastic glassware. We'll sort the tunes - all that's left is for you to pop in an order for a feast of fiery jerk flavours and sunshine-in-a-bottle cocktails for collection when you're on your way (ice included!)! To really get you in the holiday mood, you're welcome to join us for a couple of rum-spiked cocktails in the bar before you make your way to the beach.

With the sun shining (let’s hope) and the sand between your toes, if you squint a little (or sip a few more cocktails), you’ll almost, believe you’re somewhere far, far away.

So, (drum roll) the top 7 beaches to eat Turtle Bay & drink cocktails like you’re on holiday are....

Bournemouth Beach

The number 1 without a doubt, just a 10 minute stroll from the beach to Turtle Bay Bournemouth means if those cocktails run dry you can keep coming back for more.

Swansea Beach

Once you’ve picked up your food and drinks, you’re just a 30 minute walk to the golden Swansea sands. Grab an extra one for the road!

Crosby Beach, Liverpool

Why should the south get all the fun? The moment the sun comes out in Liverpool, head to Turtle Bay on Victoria St or Hanover St for your tropical picnic, then hop on the Merseyrail for a direct 30min train to the gorgeous Crosby Beach. OK, the Irish Sea might not be quite the same shade of turquoise as the Caribbean, but sun, sand and cocktails is all you really need right?

Redcar Seafront, Middlesbrough

Driving is the quickest way to get from Turtle Bay Middlesbrough to Redcar Seafront, so you may need to swap cocktails for some fresher-than-fresh mocktails with this one (though there are buses!). There’s plenty of space, easy parking, and those wind turbines out to sea could almost be palm trees….

The Hoe, Plymouth

Ok, so there's not actually sand at this one (beach might be a bit of a stretch). But who even likes sand anyway? It gets everywhere! With beautiful views of the ocean and a lido to cool off in when it’s hot, what's not to love? And the best part is, and you’re only an 11 minute walk from Turtle Bay Plymouth! If you're running out of cocktails, order more in advance with click and collect and we'll shake them up whilst you head over.

Dawlish Town Beach, near Exeter

Because, why not bring a little spice to the south coast of Devon? Pop into Turtle Bay Exeter for a few cocktails and then grab the 12minute train from Exeter St Davids to Dawlish. Easy breezy!

Wild Card - Newcastle Quayside Seaside

Hit the beach without leaving the city! Every year, Newcastle turns a central quayside spot into a manmade beach – perfect for a last minute Caribbean picnic

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