New Beers
This Is One for the Beer Lovers!

This one is for the Beer Lovers!

Okay, as much as we love cocktails, we know some people just prefer a nice cold beer. So, for all you beer lovers out there we’ve upped our game with 2 NEW beers! Introducing, our Pils Golden Lager and our Pale Ale, made especially for us by Drygate Brewery.

📣New beer alert: Golden Lager

This zesty lager is brewed to our recipe by Drygate, making it the ideal session beer for those Friday and Saturday late nights!

📣New beer alert: Pale Ale

This is an easy drinking IPA with floral flavours and hints of mango, which pairs perfectly with the spices and the heat from our dishes.

After work pints? No, that doesn’t mean 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps, it means catching up with mates over a tasty Beach Board with one of our new refreshing beers 😆

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