Callaloo chopped
Callaloo Who?

Get The Low Down on This Caribbean Green 👇

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, what is callaloo? Callaloo may sound like a fun dance move but it’s actually a Caribbean superfood.

This green leafy vegetable is really popular in Jamaica because of its nutritional benefits – packed with iron, high in fibre and has large amounts of vitamins A and C. So, if you’re getting hot girl summer ready, you’re going to want to try callaloo!

Let Chef Collin Brown tell you how we cook callaloo...

Callaloo tastes like spinach but better. We sauté it in spices to add fresh and bold flavours to dishes like our Island Brunch Bowl and Coconut Prawn Rice Bowl. Callaloo also makes a great, healthy side and should be enjoyed with one of our soul food dishes guilt-free as it balances the dish's richness out!

Coconut Prawn Rice Bowl