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New to the menu: Equiano Rum

We're so excited to announce that we have added Equiano Original Rum to our menu!

This isn't just any rum - this is a rum with an amazing story behind it. Read on to find out more....

The Equiano Rum Co

Equiano was founded by Ian Burrell, Aaisha Dadral and Amanda Kakembo. If you don't know him, Ian Burrell is a HUGE name in rum and just happens to be the world's only Global Rum Ambassador! 🤯 Ian, Aaisha and Amanda created Equiano in 2020 not only to bring us a delicious rum but to also reclaim the narrative around the history of rum. 

Bottle of Equiano Rum with colourful wooden background

The Liquid

Equiano Original is ideal for mixing, sipping, and savouring. It's got flavours of toffee, dried fruit and vanilla just to name a few.

It’s produced in limited batches and blended and bottled in Barbados, by Foursquare master distiller, Richard Seale. It's got a really sweet flavour but is completely natural with no additives and no added sugar!

Our fave way to drink it is mixed with ginger beer and a wedge of lime - but it's also super refreshing with our Grapefruit Crush - or try it neat. If there's two of you, order our Rum Share to enjoy 2 rums and 2 mixers for £8.50 - try different combinations and work out your fave. Our bar team are always on hand with recommendations too. Let them know what sorts of flavours or cocktails you like and they'll recommend you a rum and the best mixer to try it with 😋

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The Story 

This incredible rum has an even more incredible story behind it that inspires not only its name, but the core values behind the brand.

Olaudah Equiano was born 1745 in what is now southern Nigeria. He was kidnapped and enslaved at the age of just 11 and was taken to the Caribbean and Americas, but taught himself to read, write, count and trade. Selling puncheons of rum, Equiano saved up and actually bought his own freedom in 1766.

Eventually settling in the UK, Equiano became a prominent abolitionist. His autobiography, The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano, was published in multiple languages and went on to inform the Slave Trade Act of 1807.

Inspired by this freedom fighter and keen to do their bit for Equiano's legacy, Equiano rum pledge 5% of global company profits and £2 of every bottle sold through their website to Freedom + Equality organisations, as a step towards ending modern slavery. You can find out more about their partnership with Anti-Slavery International here.

The World's First African & Caribbean Rum