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How to make a UB40

How to make a UB40

It's time for another happy hour at home! We're really hoping it won't be long before we can sip cocktails together again in the sunshine, with some Crispy Chilli Squid and Trini Doubles on the way, but for now this will have to do.

Here's another one of your FAVOURITE Turtle Bay cocktail recipes. It's another easy one to make at home and we've tweaked our normal recipe so that all the ingredients are easy to find.

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  1. 70 ml red, red wine 😉⁠
  2. 20 ml lemon juice⁠
  3. 50 ml of ginger beer⁠
  4. 20 ml white rum is an optional extra for the adventurous - but this recipe works without it too⁠


Makes 1 UB40

  1. Fill your glass with cubed ice (we like to serve this one in a wine glass)⁠
  2. Add 70 ml red wine⁠
  3. Pour in 20 ml lemon juice, or a dash more if you like it tangy⁠
  4. Top with about 30ml ginger beer ⁠
  5. Stir well⁠
  6. Add the 20 ml rum at the end if you're going for the rum version ⁠
  7. Quick stir again


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