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National Jamaican Jerk Day

National Jamaican Jerk Day

The fourth Sunday of October marks National Jamaican Jerk day - a day that honours the unique Jamaican way of seasoning and grilling food, and those iconic flavours that bring people together.

The word ‘jerk’ refers to a style of cooking — meat is coated in spices and slow-cooked over a fire or grill. Jek marinade recipes can vary and often people have their own special recipe that has been passed down generations, containing secret ingredients! Typically, it will include allspice, chilli, thyme, scallions and fiery scotch bonnet. These ingredients are blended together and used to marinade the meat, which is then cooked over flames on a jerk pit. This technique brings out the most incredible, rich flavours! Paired perfectly with rice & peas and slaw. 

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The Origins

The cuisine originates with the Taino people, who were indigenous to the Caribbean. The Maroons learned the Taíno cooking methods and developed these into jerk as we know it. Want to find out more about the origins of Jerk? Tap below to read on. 

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Let's celebrate Jamaican Jerk Day! 

Jerk Day is one of our favourite days of the year and we're going to be celebrating this Sunday 29th October with all things jerk, from delicious Half Jerk Chicken to pan-fried Salmon smothered in our own-recipe jerk gravy. 

Vegans, there's no need to miss out on celebrating Jerk Day! We've got you covered with our delicious Vegan Jerk "Chicken" - marinated plant-based "chicken" breast, chargrilled and topped with our rich jerk gravy. Fancy giving it a go? 

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Chef Collin's Jerk Recipe! 

Chef Collin will find any excuse to talk about our Jerk Chicken! And National Jamaican Jerk Day is a pretty good one. Fancy giving jerk a go? Check out his recipe below. 

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More About Jerk!
Jerk Chicken on Smokey Grill
Read about The Origins

Find out more about the origins of jerk. 

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Chef Collin's Jerk Recipe

Try Chef Collin's very own jerk recipe from home!

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