Pepper Roti on colourful table
The Pepper Roti Is Back!

After a quick and easy lunch? Or a tasty bite before the main event at dinner? Let us (re)introduce you to our Pepper Roti…Yep, that’s right reintroduce! If you’re an original Turtle Bay fan you may remember the Pepper Roti has made a feature on our menu before. It was a true favourite so we had to bring it back onto our menu with a few changes, making it even tastier than before!

For those of you who have recently discovered Turtle Bay, you may be wondering what is a Pepper Roti? The Pepper Roti originates from Trinidad combining all our favourite left-over ingredients. Flaky layers of soft paratha roti with a filling of shredded potato, carrots, onion, and heaps of cheese with a touch of spice. It’s one of those small plates you’ve got to try once in your life and trust us once you’ve tried it, you’ll be left wanting more!

Chef Collin couldn’t be happier that the Pepper Roti has made a comeback on the Turtle Bay menu, so with his help let’s make it - 

Pepper Roti Recipe

Chef Collin’s Pepper Roti Top Tips

  • Get stuck in! Use your hands to squeeze out all the moisture from the shredded potato and carrot, because who wants a soggy roti?!
  • There’s no such thing as too much cheese, so be generous 😉
  • Once the roti has been out of the oven for at least 10 minutes pop it in the freezer, so it can set and retain its clear layers.
  • Cut into portions and heat through in the oven – it's meal prep made easy!
Pepper Roti Close Up

Looking for the perfect pairing to go with your Pepper Roti? Head down to your local Turtle Bay and as well as a Pepper Roti order our Half Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas, washed down with one of our four new Sundowners. This combo of flavours is unmatched and is perfect for transporting you to the Caribbean when you need an escape!

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