Soggy Dollar Island Spiced
The Low-Down on Soggy Dollar

One thing Turtle Bay has in common with Soggy Dollar Rum is the desire to slow down the everyday grind to island time!

Soggy Dollar Bar

Soggy Dollar rum got its name from the legendary Soggy Dollar bar tucked away in White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, the smallest of the main British Virgin Islands. With no dock, people will swim up to this white sandy beach from their boats and spend a few soggy dollars on an original Painkiller cocktail or rum. We heard the bar still has washing lines to hang your soggy dollars on, so they can dry out in the sun!

Soggy Dollar Island Spiced

We’ve recently introduced Soggy Dollar Island Spiced onto our menu. This smooth handcrafted rum-infused spirit is blended with a secret recipe of local spices, creating tropical fruits, bitter orange and nutmeg flavours.

So, whether you’re sipping on Soggy Dollar Island Spiced and ginger beer at the Soggy Dollar Bar or at your local Turtle Bay, you’re sure to be transported to a tropical island 🏝️☀️

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