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New - Small Plates

Looking for something to graze on whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy your new Sundowner? We've just added two delicious new small plates to the menu that are packed with iconic island flavours and are the perfect grazers....

Pepper Roti

If you've been a Turtle Bay fan for a while, you might recognise the Pepper Roti! It's been a long time since we served up this beautiful small plate, but our longer-standing team members haven't stopped talking about it, so we've brought it back with fresh new recipe. 

Flaky layers of roti encase a rich filling of grated cheese, shredded carrots and potatoes in this feel-good dish. There's a subtle hint of scotch bonnet for a nice warmth but it's more peppery than spicy - enough to leave you wanting more. Served with a mild pepper salsa, you can try sharing this dish but you might just want your own! 

Ackee & Saltfish Rolls

This brand new small plate is inspired by the national dish of Jamaica and makes for the perfect sharer with a few Sundowners. Tender ackee and flaky saltfish are wrapped in roti and topped with mild pepper salsa. It's deliciously addictive and has serious beach-snack vibes.

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New Sundowners

If you've not heard about our new Sundowners yet, you're going to want to see this! We've just added four brand-new drinks to the menu that are perfect for slow sipping as day turns into night. 

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