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Discounts Every Uni Student Needs to Know About!

How are all you new uni students doing? We hope you're living your best university life, but we do get that the expenses can add up quickly. All those late nights out and food deliveries to cure the hangovers aren’t cheap! Don't worry, we've got your back with our exclusive monthly offers, deals, and discounts for uni students.

Freshers may have been and gone but our Turtle Bay Student Perks are here to stay. Every month we’ll offer a brand-new deal that will save you money on your next student night out. Take October’s student deal: get 1 FREE Bottomless Brunch for every 3 you pay for. It's up to you if you want to split the bill with your 3 friends and get 25% off each, or claim the free Bottomless Brunch for yourself - we won't judge! 

To unlock our monthly student deals just download our app and validate your university email address in the Student Perks section.

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Bottomless Brunch

Book Bottomless Brunch Sun - Fri for 5pm and sip on unlimited cocktails 'til 7pm. That's pre drinks sorted!

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Secret Cocktails

You can find secret cocktails on our app, they're all available during Bottomless and Happy Hour!