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An evening with the Wailers

An evening with the Wailers

Sunday March 6th we had the honour of hosting an intimate gig in our Bristol restaurant with reggae legends The Wailers.

Ahead of their gig at the O2, on their last night of the "UK ONE WORD" tour the bad were kind enough to join is and some of our lucky guests for a brief acoustic set, some Q&A, and of course, a lovely dinner!

Sweetcorn fritters and Curry Goat, with Rice and Peas and Sweet Plantain the main, washed down with our homemade ginger beer and of course a couple of rum punches!

When 7 o’clock hit, it was sadly, (and we absolutely mean SAD) time to say goodbye, the countdown to the o2 and final performance had started.

We were lucky enough to attend the show, the whole arena filled with smiles and the happiest memories.

It was an incredible experience, and we CANNOT WAIT to welcome Aston Barret Jr & crew in Turtle Bay again, for more special times together.