Story of Rum

The World's First spirit

You don't have to be a pirate to drink rum whenever you want...

Home to over 30 rums, rum runs through our blood, and whether it’s dark and intense, golden and spiced, or white and infused with coconut, this sweet-but-strong spirit instantly transports your tastebuds to sun-drenched beaches and vibrantly turquoise seas. We've got something you're sure to love...

But where did rum come from? Back in the 1600s, slaves on sugar plantations in the Caribbean discovered that fermentation of molasses left over from sugar refinery formed alcohol. Later, this was distilled to make it actually safe to drink! As its popularity grew, rum distilleries started appearing on the colonial American mainland, first in Staten Island, then in Boston, and before long, rum production became one of the largest industries on the East Coast.

It was also, notoriously, the favourite drink of the pirates and privateers of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the British Navy.

Though rum has been made all over the world – from Boston to Mumbai, and Sydney to Scotland – it’s Caribbean rums that hold a special place in the hearts of many. With their sweet, woody, full-bodied flavours, they’re just as delicious to drink neat as in the fruitiest of cocktails - and we have over 40 of the finest Caribbean rums for you to try at Turtle Bay.

Are you a fan of subtle spices and gentle warming sensations? Perhaps a Kraken Black spiced rum or an El Dorado 12 Year is just the thing for you. After something a little lighter? Be sure to try a glass of Koko Kanu, or treat yourself to a hearty helping of Chairman’s Reserve. We’ve even got a great selection for the real rum connoisseurs, who are looking for something extra special, including Pyrat XO Reserve, Santa Teresa 1796, and 12-year-old Rum Sixty Six. Just add a slice of lime for that fresh Caribbean flavour.

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