Happy Birthday Bob!

Feb 05, 2020

Every day’s a celebration here at Turtle Bay, but this one’s even more than most…

The 6th of February marks the birthday of the legendary Bob Marley, one of the pioneers of reggae and an international icon, born back in 1945.

Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be all right.’

We’re sure you’ve heard the song countless times, and it’s a motto we try to live by every day at the ‘Bay.

Marley’s music explored his life experiences growing up in Kingston and his Rastafari beliefs. He spread a message of peace and unity (as in the iconic One Love) during times of serious political unrest. This is what has made Marley not just relevant to his time but to ours as well. His greatest hits compilation, Legend, has sold a whopping 27.9 million copies since it was released in 1984!

One love refers to a universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people. While it has been 36 years since Bob Marley passed away, his band The Wailers is still going strong and spreading the love. In fact, it was Marley’s dying request that the band keep the music alive.

You don’t have to wait to visit us to get into the spirit– our awesome playlists which feature Bob and The Wailers plus an array of other rocksteady and reggae rhythms, are all available to check out on Spotify. We’ve handpicked the best tunes to fill your headphones whenever you want!

‘Let’s get together and feel alright’

At the heart of this message is unity and inclusivity. That’s what our Valentine’s Day this year is all about: whether you are the classic couple, getting the girls together or dining alone – everyone is welcome to our brilliant Bottomless Dinner where we are celebrating love in all its forms. Expect a laid-back Caribbean dinner served with bottomless drinks and non-stop uplifting beats!

Happy Birthday, Bob! ❤

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