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Join us at The Bay Club!

The Bay Club is where Turtle Bay fans get more Caribbean good times - from free cocktails, to £15 vouchers and loads more.

We're sending you an SMS with a link to download the app - all you need to do is login with your mobile number and you're in!

Already a member? Don't forget to use your app to earn your Turtles!

Join us at the Bay Club - where Turtle Bay fans get more!

How it works

Earning Turtles

  • Every time you visit, you'll earn a Turtle stamp*
  • After 3 Turtle stamps you'll earn a £5 Gift - to spend on anything you like. After 6 stamps, we'll give you a £10 Gift - and after 9 you'll get £15 to treat yourself with!
  • When you visit, you'll just need to share a code with your server before you pay. You can find this in "Perks", by tapping your Bay Club Member card at the top.