Bunches of ripe and green plantain at a market
All About Plantain
5th June is World Plantain Day – the perfect excuse to celebrate this incredible fruit. If you’re joining us on 5th you can be sure there’ll be plantain 😉

If you’re a long-time fan of Turtle Bay, you’ll know that we’re constantly evolving and improving our menu. But some things never change – and they shouldn’t!

Plantain is one of those things. Sweet, juicy plantain has been on our menu since day 1. 

If you’ve not tried it yet, you may be wondering – what actually is plantain? It looks like a banana, right? But there we are mopping up the final morsels of a curry goat with it….

Plantain is one of those veg that is really a fruit, but is normally eaten fried or grilled next to a savoury main course! Packed with carbs, vitamin C and potassium, it’s a staple in Caribbean cuisine, and you’ll find it in African and Latin American cooking too.

Plantain cooking on a grill

And yes, it does look like a banana – and it tastes a bit like it too. It’s always cooked, either when still green (for a starchier, more potatoey texture) or ripe (so it’s super sweet – that’s how we use ours).

The sweet flavour balances SO well with rich curry like our Curry Goat or the warmth of Jerk Chicken, but we also love it in our Caramelised Rum Plantain pudding, where it pairs perfectly with a creamy rum sauce and coconut ice cream.

Caramelised Rum Plantain Pudding

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