Cheersing Cocktails Outside in Sunshine
Outside Bookings

Enjoy the sun on our Beachfronts! 😎

Let's make the most of the sunshine and soak it up in the best way possible - with 2-4-1 cocktails and unbelievably tasty food. 

You can book a table outside in most of our restaurants - just book in the normal way and select the "Outside" tab*

You can even take your Bottomless Brunch outside to the summer sun for ultimate holiday vibes.

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You can check if your local Turtle Bay has outside space here.

*If you don't see the Outside tab, your restaurant doesn't have outside availability.

Of course, this is the UK and sun isn't guaranteed. If you book outside and the weather's not quite what you wanted it to be, we'll do our best to seat you inside but please bear in mind we might not have space. We can't guarantee a place inside or under cover if you book outside.

You can book for up to 6 people outside.

Guest enjoying food and drinks outside at Turtle Bay in the sunshine
Guests outside booking Turtle Bay